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Our goal is to help you remain Independent
for Life.
It is McIlwain Mobility Services commitment to
transform difficult to navigate into safe and easy
to navigate areas.  Products are available for
every budget making staying in your home a safe
and simple reality.  We will provide the perfect
solution to allow you to reliably and effortlessly
overcome the everyday obstacles you encounter
in your home.  
We have just picked up possibly the coolest invention I have seen
in a while for rigid manual wheelchairs.  It's the freewheel.  This
turns your wheelchair into an off road machine, giving you
freedom like you have never had before.  You can also get a
additional platform to help you carry items such as luggage and
grocery baskets with confidence and ease.

The FreeWheel is what you need to easily traverse grass fields,
snowy parking lots, enjoy hiking trails and safely glide down
bumpy sidewalks and curbs. You no longer have to sit on the
sidelines, always ask for help, or miss the fun.
Get your FreeWheel for only
$599.00 plus freight and taxes!
Rack option is an
additional $129.00
plus tax and freight.
Lightweight and durable, the FreeWheel quickly clamps to the solid
footrest of a rigid-frame wheelchair. When you are not using it, you
simply store it on the FreeWheel perch on the back of your chair.
Increase your Freedom, Mobility and Independence!
RollerAid™ OTS
  1. Provides a painless alternative to crutches or a walker
  2. Swiveling front wheels for easy steering and maneuvering in even the smallest space – no more lifting to turn or multiple
    forward and back movements to make a tight turn
  3. Eliminates tripping or falling associated with crutches
  4. Easy rolling caster system means less   fatigue and conserved energy
  5. Frees up hands
  6. Limits muscle atrophy by strengthening proximal muscles in affected leg which helps transition to full weight bearing
  7. Improves circulation in affected leg
  8. Partially elevates affected leg for less pain and swelling
  9. Use as a bench or foot stool during rest
  10. Folds in seconds for transport or storage (no need to disassemble) As seen below in the trunk of a Mini Cooper
  11. Basket and water bottle holder included free with every unit
Patient Benefits
Suitability Requirements
For safety reasons the RollerAid™ should only be used by patients that satisfy the following criteria:
Must be 12 years or older
Weigh less than 350 pounds
500lbs version now available
Be between 4’10” and 6’4” – if you are taller then 6’4” or shorter than 4’-10” please call us to discuss available options
Have reasonable balance
Be able to feel foot on floor if suffering from peripheral neuropathy
Have reasonable eyesight
  • $35.00 per week with a four week minimum.
  • After 4 weeks price drops to $25.00 per week
  • Ramps are available to compliment your RollerAid™.  Portable ramps run $10.00 per foot per four week period.
  • If the RollerAid™ does not work for you we also carry an assortment of electric scooters and wheelchairs available to rent.
  • Grab bars available for your    bathroom safety  while you recuperate.  Price depends on installation and grab bar choice.  
    Call for a free estimate in the greater Sacramento area.
How do I get one?
Call 916-248-4029 to set up in home delivery in the greater Sacramento area!

•Promotes Safety & Mobility with most
any vehicle – Protects against falls and
makes standing or sitting on your vehicles
seat easy.

•Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

•Universal – Secure fit into passenger or
driver side of door latch, no vehicle
modification required.

•Car Types: Universal Fit

•No-Slip Ergonomic Grip – Fits
perpendicular to car for comfortable
grip and optimal leverage.

In Stock and a great gift at only $39.00
Doubles as a window Breaker and seatbelt cutter in case of an emergency!
Thank you for considering RollerAid™ knee scooter as part of your rehabilitation effort.  We are pleased to be part of your
recovery process.  There are several turning orthopedic leg scooters available today but no others  offer the patented swivel
front wheel  system of the  RollerAid™. Swiveling front wheels offer the smallest turning circle and, in conjunction with
RollerAids one touch straight system, the ability to go straight at the touch of a button.  The RollerAid™ folds way smaller
and weighs considerably less than any other turning leg support scooter.  We believe that the  RollerAid™ will greatly
enhance your ability to remain non-weight-bearing during the healing process.  These are also known as Turning Leg Caddy.
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