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The Latest Medical Alert System Technology at Work

The RA400 Medical Alert System is Rescue Alerts newest model,
and contains the latest technology. This sleek and attractive medical
alert was designed by Rescue Alert engineers with your protection
and comfort in mind. The RA400 is the centerpiece of your medical
alert system. The extremely powerful microphone and speaker
provide Two-Way Voice communication between your home and
the Response Center to help you hear and be heard during an
Emergency Medical Alert Necklace and Bracelets

The medical alert panic button may be worn as a necklace or a
bracelet. Both styles are waterproof and offer an optimum range of
typically 600 feet or more. In addition, one alarm unit will work with
up to eight different medical alert bracelets simultaneously. When
monitored by the Rescue Alert Response Center, the panic button's
battery status is reported every time it is pressed. For subscribers
lacking fine motor skills or dexterity, soft touch buttons are also
Medication Dispenser

Help manage medication intake with Rescue Alert's
Medication Dispenser and Reminder System. The
MedReady Contains 28 slots in which to place medication,
and can be programmed to dispense up to four times a day
enabling it to manage doses for at least seven days, and up
to 28 days before needing a refill.
Rescue Alert can provide a MedReady to be used as a
stand alone unit - or in conjunction with the RA400
medical alert unit, as a monitored system.
RA Minders

With the RA Minder service, regularly scheduled "reminder" calls are made by a
friendly response center attendant, to the subscriber. Calls are scheduled as
desired, and may be scheduled daily. RA Minders can be scheduled to remind your
loved one to take medications, perform blood tests, or for other general reminders.
An RA Minder can also be used as a precautionary welfare check every day, or
multiple times per day. In the event your loved one fails to answer their telephone,
you will be notified of the failure to answer. pricing information
Note: It is not necessary to buy medical alert equipment in order to subscribe to
the RA Minder service.
Safe, Secure, Convenient

Rescue Alert offers the Slimline lockbox. Store a spare key safely, so
family members, caregivers, or emergency services can gain access to
your home during an emergency. The combination to the lockbox is
stored in Rescue Alert's secure database.

The Slimline lockbox is designed to store 2 keys. Features patented
pushbutton lid and StrongBox vault to make storing spare keys for the
home, rental or office convenient and easy. Combination can be
changed as often as you like and the pushbutton lid makes it easy to
use in any conditions such as low light or no light.
LineGrabber™ For Alarm Systems

The LineGrabber™ allows the Rescue Alert Medical Alarm to call for
help when activated even when another telephone extension is off-hook in
the house. (see note)
When several telephone jacks in a home share the same line, and a
telephone is off-hook, your Rescue Alert unit may not be able to seize the
line to make the emergency call.
The LineGrabber™ can help to solve this problem by allowing the Rescue
Alert to seize the phone line from other connected devices (phone, fax,
computer modem) on the same line, without the installation of an RJ31X
The LineGrabber™ will work with rotary, pulse, and tone dialing phones,
and is compatible with caller id, message waiting, and DSL.
Medic Alert Systems - It's About Your
Personal Emergency Response Systems give
you the independent lifestyle you are used to.
Rescue Alert's medical alert systems provide
peace of mind for you and those who care
about you the most - anytime, 24 hours a day.
Explore our website to learn more about
personal emergency medical alert systems,
and purchase yours today.
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