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Our goal is to help you remain Independent
for Life.
It is McIlwain Mobility Services commitment to
transform difficult to navigate into safe and easy
to navigate areas.  Products are available for
every budget making staying in your home a safe
and simple reality.  We will provide the perfect
solution to allow you to reliably and effortlessly
overcome the everyday obstacles you encounter
in your home.  
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We currently carry the Action Track Chair
CSLB 979962
HMDR 51738
Model #         Width between armrests        Total Width

Model ST16        16 inches                                37”
Model ST18        18 inches                                37”
Model ST20        20 inches                                39”
Model ST22        22 inches                                41”
Model ST24        24 inches                                43”

Height                                39 Inches        
Width                                 See Model table above.
Length                                42" / 48" w/ rear idlers
Weight                                350 lbs Approx.
Seat Height                          23 inches
Tilt angle for Chair                20 degrees each way
Track Size                           6.5″ x 90″
Batteries                              Two 12 volt Wheelchair Batteries
Controls                              Joystick Wheelchair Controls
Motors                               24 volt DC 24:1 ratio high thrust motor       
Speed                                 3 MPH
Turning Radius                    Zero
Width Between Armrests        See Model Table above.
Ground Clearance                 3.5 inches
Battery Charger                   12 Amp
Range                                 Variable up to 7 Miles
Foot Rest                            Adjustable Standard or Flip up
Accessory Holders               Two on each side and two on back of chair
Lap Belt                               Standard
Warranty                             One year (5 years on welding & track)
McIlwain Mobility partners with Action

Are YOU read to get out and get moving?

McIlwain Mobility is proud to offer the Action
Trackchair. It is the ultimate in off-road
wheelchairs allowing you the choice to stay on the
hard surface or go off-road. Action Trackchair
will take you places you didn’t think were
accessible like mountain roads, campgrounds,
trails in the woods, the beach, mud, thru the snow
Mcilwain Mobility Service, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Fair Oaks, CA
The chair comes in two different models, the
Standard Action Trackchair and the Action
Trackstander.  Either unit will allow you to
easily navigate rough terrain that you thought
was forever off limits.  Not anymore!  Both units
are designed to enable the disabled to enjoy the
outdoors once again!

Being an avid outdoors person, Chris McIlwain of McIlwain Mobility felt this was a great product to offer as he
personally enjoys helping individuals achieve maximum independence.  McIlwain Mobility is the demonstration
dealer for Action Trackchair in the Northern California and Sacramento area.  Contact him today at 916-248-4029
or toll free at 866-428-1897 to set up an Action Track Chair demonstration at your home or local outdoor center
allowing you the chance to ride before you buy